The European Commission has published the final report of the pilot project “Digital Skills: New Professions, New Educational Methods, New jobs” which developed blueprints for training programmes to enable SME employees and unemployed persons to acquire digital skills required in the modern work place.

The research drew input from a wide range of stakeholders, including SMEs and organisations working with the unemployed in Lithuania and in the region of Murcia, Spain, as well as with stakeholders from other regions and at European-level.

The results of the research confirms that SMEs are most likely to invest in training employees when there was an immediate operational need or a business development opportunity.

The resulting insights also fed into four digital skills blueprints, which can support the planning and implementation of digital skills initiatives targeted towards those who do not have the digital skills necessary to compete in an increasingly digital economy:

  • Introduction to full stack development (.pdf): aimed at participants interested in programming, providing some essential basic technical knowledge and enabling them to gain a rounded view of IT based projects.
  • Digital sales, marketing and cybersecurity (.pdf): designed to teach sales and marketing professionals how to develop and design functional project-based websites and use tools to increase overall workflow performance.
  • Digital marketing and sales for SMEs (.pdf): focused on provision of skills that would enable participants to define and implement a digital marketing and sales strategy for SMEs.
  • Introduction to data analytics (.pdf): providing skills in data analytics to decision makers in SMEs and unemployed people with ICT backgrounds.

The pilots once designed were offered to 114 participants in the region of Murcia and in Lithuania.


This final report complements the interim report of this study “Digital Skills: New Professions, New Educational Methods, New jobs” published last year, and presents blueprints for four digital skills training programmes for SMEs. Each Blueprint offers the following information:

  • Duration and training format
  • An indication of the soft skills developed
  • The appraisal and certification process
  • A summary of the cost of delivery

You can find more here.

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