Digital Luxembourg and the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition invited 80 students from Lycée Guillaume Kroll, Lycée Robert Schuman, and Lycée des Arts et Métiers, in order to participate in the 5G Conference organised in December. The conference gathered around 500 participants, both professionals, and citizens.

In the morning on the 11th, the students attended a conference dedicated to 5G. After introductory speeches by the Prime Minister, Xavier Bettel and the General Director of the European Commission, Roberto Viola, the young students got a global overview of the situation regarding the deployment of 5G around the world. Indeed, three speakers presented the latest advances in 5G respectively in Benelux, Asia and, in the USA. Finally, the morning ended with a series of discussions with three panels on the topics of communication and applications, infrastructures, and the impacts of 5G on health and the environment.

In the afternoon, the students were invited to join a side workshop where they had the opportunity to exchange with a dozen of professionals coming from various companies and organisations such as CFL, KPMG, Post, SnT, ICT Luxembourg, UpFoundation, LIST, the Ministry of Agriculture, IMS, EY Luxembourg, Cube 4T8, Circl, Competence Center… During their discussions, students went deeper into the subject of 5G, with rich exchanges related to several topics such as agriculture, cybersecurity, health, multimedia, and many others. The focus was on the jobs and skills that will result from the use of 5G in these areas. With this workshop, the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition and Digital Luxembourg gave a positive experience to both teachers, students, and professionals who were able to learn from each other.

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