FutureSkills enables candidates selected by ADEM to benefit from training aimed at strengthening their skills and acquiring new ones, as well as a practical internship enabling them to remain active during the period of unemployment.

This project is aimed at compensated jobseekers with a level of education corresponding to at least a class of 2nd year of secondary education, fluent in French and with a basic knowledge of Luxembourgish. Candidates must demonstrate their motivation to learn new skills and be able to follow distance learning (e-learning) independently.

The training component, carried out in partnership with the House of Training of the Chamber of Commerce and the Luxembourg Life Long Learning Center of the Chamber of Employees, lasts three months and focuses on the development of cross-disciplinary skills:

  • soft skills (communication, creativity, adaptability, etc.),
  • digital skills (digital transformation, collaboration tools, etc.),
  • project management skills,
  • training in office automation or data and coding as desired.

(Press release in French)

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