Luxembourg has just recently acquired a supercomputer: MeluXina is one of the most powerful machines in Europe. LuxProvide’s mission is to facilitate access to the use of the computational abilities of this supercomputer. In order to do so, a collaboration with the University of Luxembourg Competence Centre (ULCC) has been established with the aim of launching a training catalogue that will help to demystify High-Performance Computing (HPC).

Read more on HPC in the University of Luxembourg Competence Center blog: HPC/HPDA – An innovation opportunity for every business


Actively participating in Luxembourg’s data-driven innovation strategy, LuxProvide and ULCC will launch a series of training aimed at anyone interested in including high-performance computing (HPC) and data analytics (HPDA) in their business processes. A data-driven approach combining AI with HPC can be a real boost for productivity and competitiveness for a wide range of businesses and sectors of the economy.


The first of these trainings are now available on and will allow participants to:

All trainings are organised by the University of Luxembourg Competence Centre and held by expert trainers from LuxProvide. More trainings will follow, helping companies and their leaders to develop high-performance computing projects, ultimately leading to a more dynamic, sustainable and reliable digital economy in Luxembourg.


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