On December 9th, 2021, took place our Members Meeting #8 at the Luxembourg Science Center. Located in Differdange, this unique place wishes to put theory into practice through a fun and interactive approach that appeals to audiences of all ages.

This meeting was an opportunity to discover or rediscover this place, dedicated to science and technology, such as electricity, 5G, mechanics or optics. The visit began with a show on mathematics, proposed by a passionate mathematician, where shadows, 3D and lasers challenged our curious and willing participants.

Then, led by a physicist and an astronomer’s apprentice, our participants were given a guided tour of their large exploration room, which has no less than 75 interactive stations, science shows and workshops to discover the scientific world while having fun. The morning took place in a playful atmosphere, with the guarantee that everyone will come back! This confirmed that the LSC is a great place where children, youth and adults will enjoy.


Many thanks to Nicolas Didier, President of the Luxembourg Science Center, and his team for their warm welcome, the sharing of knowledge and for their kindness.


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