NumericALL has been established for a few years now and offers several training courses for digital jobs in Luxembourg. Brigitte Lepage explains how to ensure pedagogical continuity and how she is preparing trainees for the post-Covid19 job market.

1/ Can you talk about the training programs you currently offer?

NumericALL delivers the WF3 training, preparing for the job of Web Developer Integrator. Since the beginning of the year 2020, two trainings in this profession are delivered in parallel: a training in English, since January 20 at the CNFPC in Esch for 15 candidates recruited after an information session at the ADEM and a recruitment process; and another in French since early February with 16 border candidates, recruited in partnership with the Border Pole Emploi and supported by EURES – RĂ©gion Grand Est. In addition, for the 3rd year, NumericALL is delivering the CodeStart programme, designed with the Ministry of Education, which is a 2-week initiation to the code offered to any public from 18 to 29 years old.

2/ Your trainings usually take place face-to-face, how did you cope and how do you organise yourself today to ensure pedagogical continuity?

Our web developer trainings started face-to-face and when it appeared that we were heading towards a situation of confinement, we looked for a technological solution with the support of WF3 and we rethought the pedagogy with all our trainers. We also checked the commitment of each training participant to continue this training through virtual face-to-face. After a week of running, the feedback from the trainees and trainers allowed us to convince the funders that the program could be continued and completed efficiently.

3/ When will your trainees be available on the job market and how do you prepare them for it?

For these two sessions, the trainees will arrive on the market at the end of May. We have adapted the Employability module, which is an integral part of the Developer training, with a combination of online group workshops and individual interviews with coaches. The only part that is not possible online at the moment is the meeting with companies. Nevertheless, we are planning a series of events that allow these exchanges to take place as soon as the confinement ends. We can see that technology allows effective virtual face-to-face work and that the current situation encourages autonomy and reflection in mixed formats. For the audiences welcomed within the framework of these web development trainings, face-to-face remains the priority approach.

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