Digitalisation and new technological developments have led to a rapid transformation of the Luxembourg labour market. Upskilling of workers and jobseekers and a forward-looking career guidance are among ADEM’s top priorities. Building agile partneships are crucial in order to tackle the needs of the digital skills labour market.

The Centre de Compétences Digitaalt Handwierk is an initiative from the crafts sector for the organisations of the crafts sector and all SMEs. It offers training on Soft- and Digital Skills as well as consulting in strategic Management as well as Digitalisation. The aim is preparing the organisations for the challenges of tomorrow.

Digitalisation is heavily impacting trade, transport and services which are the sectors represented by CLC in Luxembourg. The CEO of our members and their teams face a rapidly changing environment no matter if they are a B2B or B2C business. They both need to constantly upgrade their skills and knowledge to meet the continuously evolving requests and wishes of their clients. CLC is accompanying its members on this path.

Created in 2013, Code Club Luxembourg is a passionate team of volunteers, teaching digital skills in free, volunteer-led coding clubs for children from 8 years onwards in Luxembourg.  Our non-profit ‘s ambition is to transmit to children the ability to express themselves with digital tools whilst having fun with digital making. We familiarize them with coding by creating graphic animations, programming funny robots etc. The older children ones develop their own personal projects. We believe that all children should have the opportunity to learn to code, regardless of their background and financial means. That’s why all our activities are free for children.  For more code clubs in the various regions of Luxembourg, we are looking for volunteers, who can help for 1 hour a week at a local club, plus laptops and venues for these clubs. For more information:

Spécialisé dans l’implémentation stratégique de la technologie depuis 2016, EduTec analyse les besoins numériques de ses clients et vous accompagne dans vos projets de digitalisation. Notre équipe IT développe des outils numériques sur mesure qui répondent à votre situation spécifique. Un éventail de formations autour des nouvelles technologies vous permet d’effectuer une transformation durable au sein de vos activités. Par un web design centré autour de l’expérience utilisateur et un tableau de bord intuitif votre site web devient un outil de communication percutant. Grâce à une équipe créative interne, votre stratégie de communication est conçue de manière cohérente, du numérique aux médias traditionnels.

Luxembourg’s industry is currently facing huge challenges with regard to digital transformation, which has a strong impact on processes and daily tasks even on how to run a company in itself. Supporting initiatives which enable workforce to adapt to these new working methods and advising our members in these matters is on top priorities at FEDIL.

Go Digital is an initiative by the House of Entrepreneurship, powered by the Chamber of Commerce with the objective to support and advice small and medium sized companies in their digital transformation. 

Go Digital’s mission is to raise awareness about the opportunities offered by digitalization and to support companies.

Job Today (stylized JOB TODAY) is an employment networking app service based in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. It uses a location-based job search mobile app that facilitates communication between employers and job seekers, allowing users to secure short and long-term employment contracts within 24 hours or less. As of November 2018, Job Today has processed over 100 million job applications.

As marketplaces become more and more digital, consumers lacking the necessary digital skills will become excluded and will no longer have a free choice. The Ministry for consumer protection wants to get involved in enabling consumers to participate fully in the economy by supporting skill-building projects and activities.


NumericALL provides training in digital skills by up-skilling local talent with world class techniques. We train job seekers and career changers into web developers in a four month intensive program.

We also provide  custom training solutions in digital technologies for businesses such as the courses Big Data specialist and Big data for Executives

We deliver Fit4codingJobs and CodeStart.


13 years working in the banking industry and more specifically on the challenges related to changing world, habits and clients. Of course technology being one of the drivers, highly regulated and closely supervised industry like Banking can only survive if highly automated and streamlined to the maximum. Too big to fail? I prefer to say : too complex to be competitive. Let’s drive the change before it is too late.

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