With the current COVID-19 crisis, many Europeans have been suddenly thrown into conditions demanding the use of digital technologies. The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, supported by the European Commission, is calling for organisations to pledge to support the sudden need for digital skills and digital solutions in the current circumstances.

What is a pledge?

Pledges are commitments made by organisations, big and small, from the private, public and third sector, to go above and beyond the normal scope of their activities and make a direct contribution to reducing the digital skills gap Europe faces today.

Pledging organisations send a clear signal of their dedication to equip Europeans – citizens, the labour force and those in the education sector – with the skills they need for life and work in the digital age.

New pledges will join 104 other pledges consisting of over 300 initiatives ranging from organising online workshops, providing training courses or hosting awareness events and competitions. All pledges are visible in the Pledgeviewer.


We know that many Coalition members are already acting by offering free resources or trainings. You can register your pledge online but also feel free to share with us so we can share at national level across our respective networks.

You will find all the Pledges of the DSJC Luxembourg members in this section: 

Pledges from Luxembourg

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