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In this section you will find a selection of resources, studies and reports around digital skills and jobs

There are plenty of ongoing initiatives in Luxembourg for Digital Skills and Jobs. The Coalition can help to find the one you are looking for:

– Digital skills for the citizens

– Digital skills for the labour force

– Digital skills in education

– Digital skills for ICT professionals

Please contact our coordinator if you need to locate a specific initiative or project.

The European Commission is promoting various initiatives aimed at increasing training in digital skills for the workforce and for consumers; modernising education across the EU; harnessing digital technologies for learning and for the recognition and validation of skills; and anticipating and analysing skills needs.

Digital Single Market – Skills

Check initiatives such as:

– Digital Opportunity Traineeships


– EU Funding for Digital Skills

The European Commission, with the contribution of the Digital Champions, has identified some great projects that could be an inspiration for other similar initiatives and ESF projects.

The Coalition also shares and promotes digital skills initiatives through the European Digital Skills Awards, which can be replicated and scaled up across Europe.

Each year the European Commission highlights excellent initiatives that help improve the digital skills of citizens, the labour force, ICT professionals, girls and women as well as in education through the European Digital Skills Awards.

 – Erasmus+ DevOps competences for Smart Cities  project (Smart DevOps)

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